Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 3

Jack of all Trades, but what’s the problem?

Ryu was now six years old.

And today is the day the baptism ceremony takes place.

One after another, children who have turned six years old in the territory gather at the church.

The children and their parents quietly took their seats and waited, and then the time came.

The priest began to explain the baptism ceremony.

According to the priest’s explanation,

By identifying the skills or “talents” one possesses, they can use it as a guide for how to strive for more in the future.

For example, if one’s skills are axe wielding and sewing, one can gain the associated abilities by working with an axe and the related martial arts and sewing skills.

Your basic stats will also increase with it.

If you are an axe wielder, your “Strength” and “Physical Strength” will increase, and you will be able to gain additional abilities.

Acquisition of these abilities will be announced by the “Voice of the World”.

The “Voice of the World” is said to be the voice of God in the heavens, and is heard directly inside one’s head.

When you hear that voice, that is the moment when you have fulfilled the conditions through hard work.

After the priest’s explanation, each person is taken to a back room where a ceremony is held to check the skills the child possesses.

The reason why this is not done in front of other people is because there may be problems later on if other people know about the skills, and it is said that it is one’s own responsibility whether or not to tell others after the baptism.

Of course, priests are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Ryu’s turn came.

Father and mother gave him a nudge on the back.

“Go ahead, Ryu. There’s nothing to worry about. It won’t take long.”


Ryu replied to them and was led into the room by the priest.

In the room, there is a statue of God, and in front of the statue, there is a glass sphere inserted into a square box.

This is apparently the magical tool used to see skills.

“Now, place your hand on this sphere, while giving a prayer of thanks to God.”

Ryu put his hand on the sphere as the priest told him to do.

A dazzling light covered the room.

He was so startled that he almost withdrew his hand.

“Don’t let go.”

He returned his hand that was about to let go when he heard the priest’s voice.

“The skills of the lord’s son are … Gokudo? Jack of all Trades …, hmmm …, this is a pity. Ah, but there’s another one, Appraisal, that will come in handy.”

“Is being a Jack of all Trades a bad thing?”

Ryu voiced his concern at the priest’s words.

“Jack of all Trades is a special kind of talent that allows you to use almost any skill, but on the other hand, no matter how much effort you put into it, you will never be able to achieve greatness in any of them. Skills range from S+ to G-, but Jack of all Trades stops at G+, and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to improve further. However, some of them are useful, such as Magic Storage (small), so please do not be discouraged. Besides, the fact that there is another special skill, Appraisal, means that there is a possibility to grow if you work hard, although this is also a limitation of individual talent. Rest assured.”

“What is this, Gokudo?”

He had heard of this profession in a previous life, but no way, right? Ryu thought and asked the priest.

“I’ve been in this profession for 40 years, but this is the first time I’ve seen this skill. I recommend that you have Professor Saiten, a well-known scholar who lives in the territory, do a character evaluation and analyze your skills. That’s all for now.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

I bow and leave the room.

His father, Farza, and his mother, Cecile, perhaps worried because it had taken so long for Ryu, rushed to him as he came out of the room.

“Are you okay Ryu! What happened!?”

“Did Father say something to you?”

The priest turned at their words.

“This is a church, my lord, please be quiet.”

And cautioned.

“Excuse us…”

Both parents bowed their heads and went outside with Ryu.

Outside, the families were happy and sad about the skills that the children had gained baptismal ceremony was over.

Some of the parents were depressed about the skills that would not allow them to carry on the family business, but it was their child’s day of coming into the world, and for the most part they were celebrating.

As a lord and as a parent, Farza had seen this scene many times.

Every year, every time he sees this scene, he thinks the future of the territory is bright, but this year, it was the start of his son Ryu, who was considered a child prodigy, and he was more than a little happy.

Seeing such joyful parents, Ryu felt heavy-hearted.

He wondered if the family would be disappointed when he told them about the ” Jack of all Trades” that disappointed even the priest.

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