Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 21

Playing with My Sister, What’s the Matter?

The New Year has come and gone and the Landmark family has welcomed the new year.

The family was all relaxed at the beginning of the year.

So, Ryu, holding hands with his sister, Hanna, came to Landmark town to play.

Sima was also accompanying them.

“Ryu, this is your first time in town with ne, right?”

“Yes, it is.”

Ryu replied to this cute little sister with a smile.

Hanna was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, just like their mother, Cecile.

She was only five years old, two years younger than her brother, but she was very capable. When Ryu was usually busy with his work, she would not invite him to play with her, perhaps because she was aware of this.

So Tauro and Jiro were usually the ones to play with her.

In his previous life, he was in an orphanage as a child, so there were children who were like sisters, but this was the first time for him to have an actual sister.

So there was a part of him that did not know how to treat her, but maybe Hanna sensed that somehow?

Anyway, today, for Hanna’s sake, he had decided to come to town to play with her.

“Ryu-chan, Hanna-chan, good afternoon.”

People in the town greeted them when seeing the siblings.

The old man at the food stall said,

“Hanna-chan, would you like some of this?”

He gave them some grilled skewers.

“Thank you♪”

Hanna thanked him with a smile.

“What a nice girl to thank everyone so kindly.”

As a brother, he could not be happier.

When they went to the woodworking shop, they were making wheelbarrow beds for the new year, and there was a lot of excitement.

“That’s awesome!”

Hanna’s eyes lit up, perhaps sensing the atmosphere.

She was surprisingly interested in the manufacturing process.

So borrowing the space at the end of the room, they made a wooden toy together for Hanna.

It was a wooden horse.

It was a simple mechanism that you ride and swing back and forth, but Hanna was delighted.

“Onii-chan is amazing!”

Hannah was impressed by the workmanship and played with it.

Ryu and Sima were at ease watching her.

And the men on site also took a break to relax.

After providing a moment of relaxation to the craftsmen, they left the woodworking shop.

Of course, the wooden horse was put in magic storage to be taken home.

As they continued their walk, a few children about the age of Ryu and Sima came running up.

Sima stepped in between them, just in case.

“Ryu-sama, please make me your subordinate!”

It was a big surprise application.

Sima turned him away.

“Ryu-sama’s best subordinate is me! Go away.”

No, it was not that.

He inwardly scolded Sima.

“I don’t want a subordinate. But if you take care of my sister Hanna like a friend, we can play together.”

Ryu says, and the children’s eyes light up with joy.

“”Yes, please, big brother Ryu!””

So it wasn’t!

He could smell Sima from these kids…

Ryu thought so, but since Hanna was happy, it was okay.

After this, they all had a great time playing hide-and-seek, teaching the kids other games.

“We didn’t know this kind of game existed, Ryu-sama is amazing!”

The children were happy to praise Ryu.

They usually played running games, knight and adventurer games, or so he heard.

These were boyish games, but Ryu felt that he could not let Hanna play these games.

Hanna was also happy to hear Ryu being praised.

For Hanna’s sake, he felt a sense of duty to teach them that girls are to be treated with care.

But the children did not like it at all.

“My sister has a foul mouth, so I don’t like her.”


“My mother is so scary.”

The boys began to complain.

So he told them that Hanna was his sister and that they should protect her no matter what, and that it was their duty as men and knights to do so, the boys reacted strongly to the word “knights”.

“Knight! ─ ─ Understood. Big brother Ryu!”

That in itself seemed to make it clear.

But really, stop with big brother!

Ryu decided to be careful about how they called him.

He would trust that these kids would take good care of Hanna when he wasn’t around.

On the way home.

He heard a nasty rumor.

It seemed that the neighboring territory of Elanza had a good harvest again just like last year.

So it seemed that it was a lie that the Baron Elanza had borrowed money from us because of the poor harvest.

It was bad quality to lie and borrow money from a poor neighboring territory.

When the time came, he would collect the money mercilessly.

While pulling Hanna’s hand, Ryu thought that it would be necessary to take a closer look at the natural enemy of the Landmark family.

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