Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 22

My brother is amazing, what’s the matter?

Ryu was now eight years old.

Tauro was 12 this year, Jiro was 10, and Hanna was 6.

This year, Tauro, the oldest son, would be attending a school in Count Sugoella’s town.

It was the best school in the southeastern part of the kingdom.

It was close to the knight’s estate, and they wanted him to do well as the successor to his father.

However, Tauro was good in both the military and literary arts, and his wind magic was also excellent, so there was no need to worry.

The second son, Jiro, was also an ordinary scholar, but excelled in martial arts and healing magic.

He was smart, so there was no need to worry about him either. He would be the best assistant to support his brother.

The problem was Ryu.

As the third son of a Knight’s Barony, he could not stay at home as he was.

When he became of age, he would have to leave home.

After all, the safest thing to do would be to go to school in the royal capital, as his father had said before, and get a job somewhere after gaining a good reputation?

If so, he would need money to go to school in the capital.

He would have to better the finances of the Landmark family and save up the money himself while he was at it.

All the patents so far had been in the name of the head of the family, Farza.

Everything was for the Landmark family, not a single copper coin had come to himself.

So, he had another thought.

He was playing with Hanna, and thought that a “Kendama” would be a good toy for the kids.

He immediately went to the Commerce Guild and applied for a patent, which was granted, and a few days later, as usual, the merchants came and signed a contract with him.

Hopefully this could spread slowly.

Everything was not guaranteed to be a hit, so he had to experiment.

The day had come for Tauro to move to a school dormitory in Count Sugoella’s town to attend school.

From now on, they would not be able to see each other for a while.

Unusually, Hanna cried, but Tauro encouraged her to stop crying, saying that he would be back during the summer vacation.

He encouraged Jiro to help his father while he was away, and asked Ryu to support everyone as he had always done.

“I’ll do my best while Tauro Onii-chan is away.”

It was a very safe thing to say, but Tauro nodded and said, “I’m going.”, and got into the carriage.

“We will miss you.”

His mother, Cecile, murmured.

Two years from now, Jiro would follow in his footsteps, and four years from now, Ryu would follow in his.

As parents, they were happy to see their children leave the nest, but they also felt a sense of loneliness.

A month and a half later, Tauro wrote to the family for the first time.

He had excelled at school, and in the mid-term examinations, he had come in first in his class in academics, martial arts, and magic.

Although this was a rare occurrence and depended in large part on skill, it could be said to be the result of a great deal of effort.

Both Farza and Cecile were very happy to hear this news.

Ryu also thought that Tauro would definitely get a good grade, but he didn’t think he would be the best…

Then, Jiro would probably do well, too, wouldn’t he?

He was looking forward to the next two years.

Now the future of the Landmark family was sure to be secure.

The school that Tauro attended was a school that attracted many students from outside the frontier counties, so he had made many friends regardless of their status, and he wrote that he had developed a good rivalry and friendship with the son of Viscount Bunarn from the south.

Hearing this report, Ryu felt that Tauro was definitely growing up.

That said, he also had a slight regret.

If he had worked a little harder, he could have sent Tauro to a school in the royal capital.

If he was the best at his current school, he should have been able to get good grades at the school in the capital.

After all, money was the first priority.

I’m sorry, Onii-chan, I’m just not good enough…!

Jiro and Ryu were inspired by Tauro’s letters.

They both worked hard to improve their skills.

Among them, Jiro had recently learned medium-level healing magic.

Farza and Cecile were very surprised at the speed at which he was able to learn at his age, a speed that would be considered genius-like.

The Landmark family was getting more and more prosperous.

In the meantime, Ryu had also acquired [Increased Experience], a part of Gokudo’s ability that was unlocked.

He did not know how much it would increase, but it would be very helpful for Ryu, who could use most of skills due to his “Jack of all Trades” and had no limit with Gokudo’s [Limit Break].

Let’s just keep working.

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