Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 23

My Mother’s Amazing, but what’s up?

Ryu and Jiro’s martial arts skills have been improving rapidly.

Sima is also trying his best, but he is not as good as these two.]

“Both of you have been doing very well lately! I’m frustrated that I’m falling further behind!”

“But I think Ryu’s skills are getting better. I’ve been having more and more close calls lately. If he keeps this up, he’s going to overtake me at some point.”

Jiro seemed pleased with his brother’s rate of growth.

“Yes, I agree. Ryu’s been gaining lately, but I’m sure Jiro’s growing rapidly, too. Sima, don’t worry, your growth is also quite astonishing.”

Farza praised the three of them.

Behind him, Sugo, the captain of the Territorial Guards, nodded in agreement.

“Master, is it true? Jiro-sama and Ryu-sama are so great that I myself don’t understand it at all.”

“Hahaha! Even from a parent’s point of view, Jiro and Ryu’s growth has been spectacular. Sima, you’ll be going to school next year, the Landmark family will pay for it, so you’ll have to study hard now.”

It was decided that the Landmark family would pay for Sima to go to school as well. 

Next year he will be enrolled in the same school as Tauro.

“But is it okay for a commoner like me to go to school …”

“It’s all right. There are many students from commoner backgrounds at the school in Count Sugoella’s town. Tauro’s letter also said so, so don’t worry.”

Farza wiped away Sima’s fears.

“…Thank you! I will study hard and do my best for the Landmark family!”

Ryu was now eight years old and was training in magic in earnest.

His mother, Cecile, was teaching him magic.

His mother Cecile was an amazing person and a rare individual with mage (wind, lightning, and water) skills and also healer skills.

If she were to go above and beyond that, it would be a higher level special skill, such as Sage.

What is even more amazing about Cecile is that she learned these skills on her own because she came from a commoner background.

She did not go to school, but instead honed her skills as a child and as an adventurer.

So Ryu was curious about how she and his father met.

When he asked his mother about it, she told him the story normally.

She met Father Farza when his grandfather, Kamiza, was an adventurer in the days when he was not a knight but a commoner, and he saved an adventurer who was being attacked by a demon, who turned out to be Cecile’s father.

They became friends and introduced their children to each other, and that was the first time they met.

Later, they became close family friends, and during their youth, they also worked together as adventurers.

There, the two became close, and they got married.

Ryu listened to his mother’s ramblings, thinking that a story could be written just about how the two of them met.

For the time being, Ryu’s earth magic was unsurpassed.

He had been cultivating the forest while almost collapsing from lack of magic power many times, and now, thanks to his reckless repetition, the quantity of his magical power had increased, making it easier to cultivate a vast forest.

Thanks to this, they have been able to expand their coffee plantations, and from next year, they will be able to start shipping coffee, in a stable manner.

To return to the story, he was learning the precise operation of magic under the guidance of his mother.

As a practice, he was made to make a stone statue of his mother Cecile.
This was difficult in many ways.

The nose gets bigger, the torso gets thicker, the legs get fatter, and so on, and it was hard to get the balance right.

Of course, it should be said on honor’s sake that it was his own magical manipulation that was the problem, not his mother’s body shape.

If he didn’t say it, she would be offended…

Day after day, he repeatedly made and broke poorly made statues, but finally he was able to make something he was satisfied with.

It was a good one that made him gasp, but to his mother, Cecile.

“The chest part is too small.”

He instinctively felt pressured to make a new one, and for some reason, he was forced to make a new one.

He thought he had made it faithfully in his own mind, but …

He felt he would see a different side of his mother if he said it, so he did not speak of it and kept it to himself.

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