Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 24

What about Infrastructure Development?

Ryu, who was now able to manipulate magic with precision, set out to do something.

It was to improve the toilet situation in the estate.

There was a toilet outside, but it was crude and unhygienic.

So, he made a clay toilet bowl with earth magic and baked it with fire magic to the perfect degree.

He failed many times, but finally completed one.

He installed it in a brick-like hut newly made with earth magic.

Furthermore, a tank for collecting water from a well was installed at the top, and a mechanism was made to make it flow when a string was pulled.

Incidentally, the excrement that was flushed down the drain was disposed of by captured slimes in a space created below.

The slimes basically like cleanliness, so they would willingly digest the waste.

This should at least improve the hygiene of the estate by far.

Unfortunately, mass-producing toilet bowls was difficult.

It was very difficult to bake them, and that was something he learned the hard way when he tried it.

It was too difficult to put it on the production line, and Ryu thought that it would be impossible to make it into a commercial product.

He immediately showed his family how to use it, and it was well received.

The women in particular loved it. They could sit down and do it without worry.

Until now, they had to hold a handle and sit in a sitting posture, which was very hard to do because of the dirtiness. It was also hygienic because it was flushed with water.

The slime-based disposal system was a surprise, but it was decided that it would be okay, being a nearly harmless monster.

In addition, Ryu began to work on roads.

With a magic recovery potion in hand, he used earth magic to build more and more street-style roads.

He built a road from the Landmark family’s estate to the Landmark town.

His father, Farza, was overjoyed at this,

“It’s like there’s a road continuing from our front of our home! Ryu, you’ve done well.”

He praised him.

So, every day from that day on, Ryu began to maintain the main roads in the territory.

The puddles from the rain and the ruts created by the horse-drawn carriages were leveled by Ryu’s earth magic, and cobblestones were laid to improve the traffic flow.

The maintenance of the roads became part of Ryu’s daily routine.

The residents of the territory were so grateful for Ryu’s work that some old men even worshipped him.

It was natural that some people would be moved by the sight of an eight-year-old boy who was doing a little bit of work every day to maintain the roads for the people.

“That figure of Ryu-chan. How courageous!”

“How nice of him to go around every day to improve the roads for the betterment of our lives…”

“That’s the living deity of the Landmark Territory…!”

He had many reasons for this, including that the praise made him happy, made him pleased, and made maintenance more enjoyable, but he did not expect the reaction to be so great.

The rumor spread outside the territory along with the recent economic boom and stories that the Lord was a benevolent person, and a few people began to visit the countryside called the Landmark Territory.

Once they entered the territory, they were surprised to find that the rumors were true, as the roads in the countryside were really maintained like streets, and the town was small but booming and full of life, so more and more people decided to move there.

“We’ve seen an increase in applications for relocation from neighboring territories, haven’t we?”

Farza checked with Sebastian as the number of immigrants for the month reached double digits.

“Yes, the neighboring territories are supposed to have good harvests, but they seem to have higher taxes than the Landmark Territory. I think that is why more and more people want to move here.”

Sebastian’s point was not wrong, but he did not imagine that in addition to that, there was a rumor about Ryu, and that Firza’s own good administration had increased the favorability of the Landmark household.

Both Farza and Sebastian were good people who took it for granted that good administration was the natural thing for an administrator to do, so they were unable to imagine that.

In the midst of all this, Ryu had been working every day for several months on road maintenance,

“Now that we’ve done a lot of road maintenance, maybe we should build a few toilet bowls and distribute them to everyone.”

He began to think about it.

It would be hard work to make toilets, so the number of places to install them would be limited, but it would be better to have them than not to have them at all, right?

And it was Ryu who was trying to develop the infrastructure of the Landmark Territory by himself.

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