Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 4

What is Gokudo?

After the Baptism Ceremony, he returned home by carriage to find his grandfather and grandmother, his brothers Tauro and Jiro, his sister Hanna, Sebastian the butler, Sugo the captain of the Territorial Guards, maids, cooks, and other servants waiting to celebrate.

““Ryu, congratulations on your baptism!””

“””Congratulations, Ryu-sama!””””

As soon as Ryu entered the room, he was congratulated.

It was the first time, he had never been baptized in his previous life, and he was so surprised and happy that he almost cried.

“…Thank you all!”

To say more would have made him cry.

Of course he was happy, but he was also going to cry in a different way when he remembered the skills that even the priest had been disappointed in, wouldn’t they be disappointed if they were considered useless? Ryu’s expression tended to be clouded by such fears.

After a brief celebration, a meal, a chat, and then settling down, Ryu opened up about his skills as the family gathered around.

“Jack of all Trades?”

The family was not at all surprised that Ryu apologetically announced his skills.

On behalf of the family, the father, Farza, said,

“What is it? Did you think people would be disappointed to hear that? Hahaha, Ryu is Ryu, he can read and write at his age, and he also has other skills such as “Appraisal” and, “Gokudo”? There is nothing to be disappointed about. Besides, you could use a small but valuable magic storage with your “Jack of all Trades”.”

Come to think of it, the priest had said something like that, too. He was not familiar with it.

Farza guessed,

“Didn’t you know, Ryu? Then, try ‘storing’ this Rigo fruit.”

His father, Farza, handed Ryu a fruit that resembled an apple, a fruit from his previous life.


Ryu mumbled, and the Rigo fruit disappeared like it was sucked into the palm of his hand.

“That’s ‘Magic Storage’. Right now, it’s stored in Ryu’s personal space-time. Since time stands still within that space-time, even raw food will not be altered. The size of storage is small because of ‘Jack of all Trades’, but it’s a very useful ability.”


Ryu’s expression brightened.

Seeing this, the family members also smiled.

“And the “Appraisal” skill is also very valuable. I don’t really know what your skill will allow you to appraise in the future, but unlike the “Jack of all Trades” skill, as long as it is a gifted skill, you should be able to develop it to some extent.”


Ryu replied honestly to his father’s advice.

“I’ve never heard of a skill called ‘Gokudo’ before…, Sebastian, do you know anything about it?”

Fazza asked the white-haired butler, a man of knowledge who had served this family since his grandfather’s time.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of this skill. Maybe it’s one of those special skills that people talk about.”

“Oh, the priest said he didn’t know either.”

Ryu answered, remembering.

“I’ll ask someone who might know better later. Saiten-sensei still in the territory?”

Farza asked Sebastian, the butler.

“Yes, Professor Saiten is leaving for the royal capital next month, but I think he will be at home until then.”

Come to think of it, Ryu recalled hearing that priest say the same thing.

“Okay, then make an appointment with Saiten-sensei.”

Farza instructed Sebastian.


Sebastian nodded.

“Well then, Ryu. From tomorrow on, together with Tauro and Jiro, your mother will teach the studies, and Sugo and I will teach you martial arts. Even though you are a ‘Jack of all Trades’, you have room to grow, so let’s push you to your limits.”


Up until now, he had only been watching his two older brothers practice, so he was honestly happy to be able to join in with them.

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