Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 5

What are you studying?

Cecile, Ryu’s mother, sat her three sons down on chairs in the study and began to teach them a lesson.

“Okay, Tauro and Jiro, let’s continue with yesterday’s assignment, and since Ryu can read and write, we’ll skip that one and start with some simple numbers.”


All three responded cheerfully.

Ryu, of course, can do math, not just numbers.

In fact, in his former life, he was a moneylender, so he is faster than anyone else when it comes to counting money.

His mother, Cecile, had been trying to teach him the basics by preparing Rigo fruit, but his older brothers and sister were surprised to see that he could not only count numbers, but also add them up easily.

“As Farza said, Ryu may be a child prodigy…!”

“That’s great, Ryu!”

“He’s a genius!”

The older brothers joined in and were delighted to see how smart their younger brother was.

There was no jealousy or envy at all; what was there was always the gentle older brothers.

“… Hmm. Well, what shall I teach you,… well, let’s learn history.”


Ryu was elated by his family’s praise, but his mood changed when he heard the word “history”.

He had not been good at history in his previous life.

In particular, he couldn’t get his head around the side characters that appeared in world history.

(TLN: Bet Obama is a main character in those.)

Besides, this one had nothing to do with the knowledge he had acquired in his previous life.

This is exactly what he had to learn from “0”.

(TLN: i.e. from zero.)

He must have looked at her with disgust, because his mother, Cecile, noticed it.

“It seems I have a lot to teach you.”

She smiled mischievously.

From then on, Ryu was forced to concentrate on the history of the Kingdom of Crestoria and the history of the Landmark Knight Barons who lived and worked there.

To briefly explain what he learned, the Landmark family was strictly speaking a ruling power that was given a part of its territory by Count Sugoella and served him.

As such, they were obliged to rush to the aid of their patron, Count Sugoella, in the event of a crisis.

The Landmark family’s predecessor, grandfather Kamiza Landmark, was active in the last war as a soldier in the army of Count Sugoella and rose to the rank of a landowner for his war service.

Now his son, Farza, Ryu’s father, had taken over the position and is working hard as the second generation.

Grandfather Kamiza was still in good health, but he and grandmother Kay are living a comfortable life in their old age in a villa away from the family home.

They were both in their 40’s and still in good health, and they often helped Farza and Cecile.

The only reason they retired, it seemed, was because they both didn’t want to be invited to the parties of the nobility.

… Ryu thought that his father was forced to do so, and that he must have had a hard time.

Although sword training suited Ryu, who liked to be physically active, he was keenly aware of the difference in ability between his older brothers and him.

Although Ryu had been in the forest and caught animals early on, his handling of the sword was completely different.

Was this the difference of having skills?

Tauro, the eldest son, had the skill “Knight” and was an excellent warrior with aptitudes for sword, spear, axe, shield, rod, and mace.

Jiro, the second son, possesed the skill “Monk Warrior” and was an excellent healer with aptitude for sword, spear, mace, martial arts, and healing.

As long as these two were around, the Landmark family would be safe.

He hoped that he could support these two, but he was not ready yet.

No, he should be able to help them in some way.

However, it was surprisingly easy to find something that he could help them with.

It was money management.

He had known for some time that the Landmark family’s finances were in trouble.

The finances were managed by his father, who was the head of the family, but as was the tradition from his grandfather, who was a poor accountant, he did not manage the finances properly.

He lent money to the people of the territory, but he did not keep proper accounting books and left collection to memory, although he did have a rough IOU.

Ryu thought this would ruin the Landmark family financially, so he decided to work with the butler, Sebastian, to review the books properly.

At first, his father, Farza, was reluctant about it, but when Ryu and Sebastian convinced him with logic, he had no choice but to agree.

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