Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 42

We’ve Arrived, But What?

Ryu was excited.

This was his first time venturing out to a town beyond the Landmark Territory, and it seemed that Marquis Sugoella’s city was the largest in the southeastern region of the kingdom.

It could serve as a valuable reference for developing Landmark cities in the future.

Ryu was enduring.

After a day-long carriage ride, his backside was extremely sore.

The lack of a cushion on the carriage exacerbated the direct impact on his rear, and Ryu felt that urgent modifications were needed to make the journey more bearable.

“Father, enduring a three-week one-way trip to the capital is quite an accomplishment.”

“Well, I didn’t fancy the carriage ride either.”

Farza let out his true feelings with a wry smile.

“Hahaha! I find riding a horse directly more enjoyable than a carriage. Jiro must have been quite fed up, don’t you think?”

“That boy is patient, so he didn’t complain, but he probably won’t want to ride for a while…”

Come to think of it, Jiro looked quite drained right after his return…

Ryu recalled that moment.

Indeed, enduring this state for three weeks, especially with continuous riding day and night in the latter half, must have made it nearly impossible for Jiro to get proper sleep. Ryu sympathized with him.

Ryu was determined. He planned to modify the carriage to make the journey enjoyable before attending the school in the capital.

They stayed overnight in a village and arrived in Sugoella’s city in the early afternoon.

It was an impressive city surrounded by high walls, a sight that amazed Ryu, who had only known the Landmark town.

“This is incredible! Father, Grandfather, I hope Landmark towns can prosper like this!”

To the shining eyes of Ryu,

“That would be nice, but the road ahead seems long. Hahaha.”

Father Farza replied.

As a lord, Farza had the desire to fulfill his son’s wish, but it would likely take decades for such an undertaking.

“Hahaha! Landmark towns have the charm of the countryside. Prosperity isn’t the only good thing, Ryu.”

It was Grandfather Kamiza’s unique answer.

Indeed, there was a charm specific to the countryside, providing residents with a comfortable living environment. Protecting that balance between development and comfort would be Landmark Family’s duty in the future.

The carriage passed through the city gates.

Before them lay numerous buildings, tall towers, and an unimaginable number of people — a melting pot of races.

From memories of his past life, Ryu recalled seeing elves and dwarves in movies.

Wait, what about those people with dog-like ears and tails?

Were they the beastman tribe that Mother Cecile mentioned during her studies?

On closer inspection, there were different variations of ears and tails.

Were those cat people?

In his previous life, he loved cats, so he wanted to pet them, but they would probably get mad at him, right?

Ryu’s curiosity knew no bounds as he stuck his face to the carriage window, not wanting to miss anything.

“Ryu, if you keep doing that, you’ll leave marks on your face. Also, you can enjoy the sight more thoroughly after we arrive. Today, we’re just sending a messenger to announce our arrival.”

Farza warned Ryu to stop, but it was too late; the window frame had already left clear imprints on his face.

Upon arriving at the inn they usually stayed at when visiting the city, the innkeeper appeared.

“Well, well, Baron Landmark! Actually, a messenger from Marquis Sugoella arrived, suggesting that you stay at a different inn instead of ours. …Just between us, the quality of that inn is incomparable to ours, and the Marquis will cover your stay, so it’s free. Lucky you!”

The innkeeper and Farza had been friends since the knight baron days, so it felt a bit awkward to switch inns. However, the innkeeper didn’t mind.

After Father expressed his gratitude, the innkeeper jokingly asked, “Can I use the Baron’s name for promotion?”

It was a friendly joke.

“Of course, feel free to use it. This time, we’re going to the designated inn, but next time, we’ll use this one.”

With their greetings exchanged, Farza and the others boarded the carriage again and headed to their new lodgings.

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