Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 158

The Price of Becoming the Main Character

Looking back on what has happened up to now, it would seem that somehow her position has always been steadfast.

Shiho Shimotsuki has always been by my side. She always looked after me and stood by my side.


Whenever I needed help, Shiho was there for me in times of pain and suffering.


She has always maintained her position next to Kotaro Nakayama.


It was because of her solid position as the main heroine that I, a former mob character, was able to stand firmly on my feet.


But when I was able to stand on my own, that bastion suddenly began to crumble.

It was as if it foreshadowed some disturbing sign.


First there was a change of seats, and we were separated in the classroom.

And now … she was sick and missed school.


“It seems that Shimotsuki-san has caught the flu… Everyone should take care. Especially those who have been close to her, please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. If you feel even the slightest bit unwell, I would ask you to be sure to speak to your doctor.”


Even the teachers, who usually speak up only in passing, looked serious on this occasion. The flu can infect many people if one is not careful, so it is only natural for teachers to be on their guard.


(Shiho … I wonder if she’s okay.)


I was worried about her because she was coughing over the phone yesterday, but … it seems that she was sick after all.


(I’ll call her later… No, I’ll leave a message before that.)


I hope she is resting now.

I hope she is sleeping soundly at home.

I’m sure her parents are taking good care of her. I am sure she will feel better after a good rest.


Well, I would be lying if I said that I don’t feel lonely.

Anyway, there is nothing I can do about her poor health. It’s frustrating that all I can do is hope and wait for her to recover, but it can’t be helped.


So today, for the first time in a long time, I went to school alone.


Before I met Shiho, I was alone every day, so I thought I was used to it, but … I knew it was just a matter of strength … and it was very disconcerting.


I had left her a message during break time, just in case. But I never heard back from her, as if she was still taking it easy and resting. I am extraordinarily worried because she usually replies to my messages within seconds.


I think it’s an unnecessary worry,… but I still didn’t feel comfortable.

Perhaps that’s why I felt more emotional than usual.


“Oh, hey… Nakayama?”


I think that Kurumizawa-san spoke to me a few times at school, but I didn’t have time to respond to her.

I’m sorry for her, but I ignored her. I couldn’t afford it right now … Shiho was suffering from the flu and there was no way I would be in the mood to talk to another girl.


I couldn’t afford it.

I even felt sorry for myself, thinking how fragile I was without Shiho.


(I can’t make fun of Ryuzaki in such a situation…)


The other day, I described him as unable to do anything without the aid of the heroines… I feel that before I knew it, I’ve become that kind of person too.


I used to not be like that.

When I was a mob character, I was fine being alone. It was natural because I was the only one who could help myself.


But now, I can no longer say that I am fine being alone.


(Is this the price to pay for being the protagonist…?)


The protagonist of a romantic comedy should not be perfect.

The protagonist of a romantic comedy should not be perfect, because without weaknesses, the reader would not be able to empathize with them, and the heroine would be of little value.


A person who can do everything on their own does not need others. If the protagonist were perfect, there would be no story to tell.


Therefore, the protagonist is designed to rely on the heroine.


I can’t give you a clear answer as to whether this is the right answer or not.


(I should be a person with a little more leeway.)


I have too little leeway right now.

That may have become a gap, a weakness, a weakness to … take advantage of.


I had been avoiding her for a long time, but she finally caught.


“Nakayama…do you really like Shimotsuki?”


It was after school.

I was alone outside of the school when she spoke to me.


“Kurumizawa-san huh?”


Unintentionally, I sighed.

It was such a pity that she still talked to me without feeling bad about it, even though I had ignored her so much… I felt that kind of thing was a chore to do.

I was very bothered by her earnestness to try to get my attention, no matter how she was treated…

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