Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 25

An existence that only serves to satisfy the protagonist’s need for approval

–Is it really a beautiful story to continue an unrewarding love?

When I look at Azusa, I can’t help but think about such things.

It’s not only Azusa, but also my childhood friend Yuzuki and my former best friend Kirari. When I look at them, I feel so painful that it makes my heart ache.

They express their feelings of love in such a straightforward way, but the person in question is completely oblivious to it, using “insensitivity” as an excuse, and their feelings are always in vain.

It’s …… really, really pitiful that her love is trampled on, her efforts don’t produce results, and yet she continues to be devoted to him.

It’s as if they only exist to satisfy the protagonist’s need for approval.

I just can’t stop thinking about it.

“…… By the way, you were about to confess your love today behind the school building. The timing wasn’t right, though.”

I have one thing in mind for why Azusa suddenly came home today. When I was eating lunch with Shimotsuki during lunch break, …… Azusa had called Ryuzaki to the back of the school building.

And at that time, Azusa was trying to confess her feelings……, I assume.

“Yeah … I was trying to be brave and tell him how I feel about him……, but it didn’t work.”

She didn’t seem to have the energy to be brave anymore.

She smiled fondly with a sad expression.

In the end, Azusa was not able to confess her feelings …… because she encountered us at the wrong time.

And unfortunately, it was Shimotsuki, whom Ryuzaki was most obsessed with, that he encountered. So Azusa’s courage was trampled upon and put on the back burner.

She seemed to be severely depressed by it.

“So, is it possible that the person who was with you at that time was Shimotsuki-san? …… I was dying of nervousness, so I didn’t recognize you.”

After all this time, she seems to have remembered that Shimotsuki was there.

She was that nervous.

“Ryoma Oni-chan, when it comes to Shimotsuki-san, he can’t see anything else……. Haha, I knew I couldn’t win.”

“…… Haha, you can’t.”

I couldn’t help but curse at her.

I almost shouted at my sister, because she was so painful to me.

There is no value in unrequited love.

It’s not like Azusa’s love is even a lost love. He’s not even aware of her feelings, she’s just being trampled on.

It’s not a beautiful story. It’s just painful.

“…… What? What did you say? Your voice is too quiet, I couldn’t hear you.”

Azusa says she didn’t hear.

But her face looked so sad that I couldn’t …… watch it.

“I know what I’m doing, so don’t say anything.”

I don’t say it out loud, but I think she knows it.

I don’t have to say it, but she knows it. She knows that this is not a problem that can be solved with a friendly smile, and she is still trying to cover it up.

So she pretends not to hear me.

She takes my words and tries her best to hide her pathetic self.


Oh, no.

With that look on her face, I couldn’t say anything.

I’m not in a position to lecture her anymore.

I am not someone who is close enough to Azusa to interfere in her life.

This is the path that Azusa has chosen.

No matter how unhappy she was, no matter how much she was hurt, she wanted it all, so I couldn’t say anything.

“It’s nothing.”

So I played it off.

As a mob character, I replied nonchalantly as an emotionless doll.

I can only do so much …… as a mob…