Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 291

Isn’t it a Convenience, Not a Miracle?

[Mary Point of View]

–If Kotaro had been good friends with Azusa, Kirari, and Yuzuki.

There would be no story beyond that.

There would be no future where Kotaro would be a “real Onii-chan” for Azusa.

There was no possibility for Kotaro to become Kirari’s “best friend”.

There was no way that Kotaro could become Yuzuki’s “beloved childhood friend”.

These were not just coincidences.

Even you know this, Kotaro, but why do you believe Shiho’s words?

We are just puppets.

Servants of a story, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s really ridiculous. If there is a person who would decorate this coincidence with the word “miracle”, I am sure I will never be able to get along with such a person.

That is just opportunism. There is no way that the characters can do anything more than what the plot has already prescribed.

“Now, for heaven’s sake, things are getting a little too stagnant.”

I sighed to myself as I looked over the materials I had received from the detective.

I went to the trouble of breaking up the stalled story and encouraging him to move forward, but … it was still too slow in progressing.

If I were a reader, I would have been pissed off. Hurry up and move on with the story.

However,… well, the work of reality is really boring and dull. There is no such thing as a pleasant story progression for readers.

Therefore, someone like me, who has a bird’s eye view, has to take a hand and make the story move along.

“Hmmm, where was I?”

I file away the materials and look at the story’s progress chart on the wall. It’s a really creepy sight, even in my own room, but I have to check it visually to make sure I’m not making any mistakes.

Let’s see, I started with …

First, I reminded Azusa of the love she had for Ryoma and pulled her back into the harem.

Then, I reunited Yuzuki with Kotaro after the relationship between Yuzuki and Ryoma had become strained, and … her heart was pushed into a corner.

Seeing them both in such pain, Kotaro finally decided that he couldn’t leave Ryoma alone. He finally revealed to Ryoma that Azusa, Kirari, and Yuzuki were girls who were closely associated with him.

As a result, Ryoma said something amusing like “I was forced to get hand-me-downs” and was about to hit Kotaro, whereupon she interrupted – by accident. Shiho intervened.

As I who likes “Suck it up” romantic comedies, I would have enjoyed it if Ryoma had suffered in a good way … If he had hit Kotaro like that, I would have felt more disgusted and expected further “Suck it ups”.

Had that happened, I might have felt intense catharsis when Ryoma was unhappy in the future. But I really dislike Shiho because she always gets in my way.

She always ruins my plans.

If only Shiho hadn’t been there, I, the mastermind, might have been able to play an even darker role. But it’s hard because that heroine ruins the plot that I have in mind.

And this time, the pacing got even worse because of the silly story about reminiscing the past… I’m afraid the story will stop before I see the ending I want.

That’s not good.

It’s time to change the course.

I need to sort out the messed up elements, understand the feelings of each character, and progress the story along with the events.

That is my role now.

Since I am set up as a cheat character who can do anything, I have to do a lot of different things.

If I had just been a blonde with big b*****s, I would have been able to live a more carefree life. … Good grief, it’s not easy being a creator. Well, I am self-proclaimed.

Well, I don’t know what to do…

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