Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 66

Perfect Heroine

Meanwhile, that girl who used to be the main heroine seems to have skipped school early in the new semester.


(Shiho …… I knew you couldn’t get up…….)


I knew what to expect.

She had completely lost her rhythm during the summer vacation, and it seems that she repeatedly went to bed in the morning and woke up at noon. I guess that’s why she couldn’t sleep well last night……, but when I thought that she was sleeping with an adorable face, I felt relaxed.


I think that her parents usually educate her well at times like this ……. She seems to be doted on so much that they don’t seem to get angry at her at all. That’s probably why she can skip school with confidence.


Even though a new heroine has appeared at school and is showing signs of turmoil, she is still going at her own pace as usual. She has retired from being the main heroine and is taking it easy on the outside of the story.


That is not, by any means, a bad thing.

That girl has a life now where she is no longer pushed around by Ryuzaki.

Hopefully, she will stay that way forever.


Then, after the summer break, there was one more empty seat left in the classroom. The seat right next to Ryoma Ryuzaki, where Azusa would normally be sitting, has been covered with dust for a long time.


Azusa had been gradually recovering after the overnight learning program, but it seems that …… she couldn’t get over Ryuzaki after all. She really doesn’t want to go to school, so she tends to stay at home these days.


I hope one day she will get better, but …… there is not much I can do for her. So I’m going to be patient and watch over her.


After all, as for Azusa’s problem, it is something she has to overcome on her own. I understand that she was shocked when she was dumped by Ryuzaki. But it was Azusa’s decision to fall in love with him, so it is not a matter for me, a bystander, to interfere.


(…… What will she do now when she finds out that a new heroine has appeared?)


Will Azusa return to the story of Ryoma Ryuzaki?

Or will she get off the stage already and return to being an ordinary girl?


Whichever she chooses, I am sure it will be difficult for her to find true happiness.

Well, as an older brother, I can at least support her as much as I can. Until then, I will wait and see.


–And so the new semester has begun.

The new heroine, who was introduced to Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy, had a character so broken that it twisted the story.


“Ni-hi-hihi. Ryoma, come to my house sometime. It’s a big place, so we can play a lot!”


I analyzed Mary’s characterization based on the information scattered throughout the conversation.


First of all, it seems that her parents are quite rich. Her house seems to be a mansion.

Then, she showed …… extraordinary athletic ability during physical education class.


“In America, you can’t run away from bullets unless you run this fast. ☆”


She easily defeated the men’s track team in the short-distance race, despite making a joke that I am not sure if it was an American joke or not, and she is the fastest out of the bunch.


Then, at the end of the summer vacation, she easily got a perfect score in a Japanese quiz.


“HAHAHA! I mastered the Japanese language by watching Japanese anime!”


No, no, no, no, no, no……. Can you learn classical grammar or something like that from anime? ……


I was a bit nervous, but after observing her for a day, I found out what type of heroine she is.


(She is a perfect heroine.)


She is the type of heroine who is set up to be perfect in every way and would normally have no interest in boys. However, the protagonist-sama is the only one who is special, and she falls in love only with him – and that’s the way it goes.


The protagonist must feel great to be loved by such an amazing heroine.

She is the complete opposite of the clumsy heroine Shiho.


So, how do we move on from here?

As of now, I’m not even on the fringes of the story. As before, I was just one of the many others, like a mob character.


If I could, I would like to stay in this position.

But that would never happen.


I’m sure I’ll be involved in the story as well, just not yet as a villain.

I’m very anxious for that time to come, but …… well, let’s just forget about it for now.


The story is still unfolding slowly.

If that were the case, I would have enjoyed …… this peace and tranquility a little …… longer.